Ronin House LLC

Ronin House is a boutique management consultancy.  We partner with businesses and professionals to help navigate strategic business decisions, guide career growth, and hone the impactful application of logical and rational critical thinking skills.  We are a company of semi-retired global 1000 executives who genuinely enjoyed the challenges of our careers and now enjoy reinforcing our business partners with our collective wisdom and problem solving expertise.



Our executive coaching service pairs clients with a primary coach / mentor and an adjunct knowledge team.


We like this approach because it provides both a deep curated understanding and a broader more comprehensive awareness of the targeted subject matter


A finite number of annual and quarterly slots are offered. They are first come, first served.




We work with clients to deliver Industry counsel, leadership consulting, and solve obstacles to business growth.


All members of Ronin House share two passions: An enjoyment of solving complex problems, and a fundamental belief that a good solution will not only fix the problem but also establish a formula our clients will use to overcome future obstacles.


Do you have an interesting project and want to talk to someone about it? Great!  We want to listen and help you realize your goals.


All members of Ronin House are semi-retired and that freedom brings with it the luxury of working on projects we want to because they are interesting.